The Physics Definition has been corrupted - Discovery AIM


I am current running a transient Fluid-Dynamics analysis (Discovery AIM 2020 R1). The case is calculated for a while, but suddenly some error messages are displayed and the simulation is stopped

I already tested in AIM 2019 R3 and 2020 R2, and this error keeps showing up again, at different stages of the simulation, sometimes its shows, sometimes not, with the same geometry and setup. I would like to know what the reasons for these messages are.

Thank you!


  • Hello WitMen

    Were there any messages before you clicked the solve physics button? If yes, can you fix them before proceeding to solve the physics?

    Secondly, can you click on the "more" text located near the message "Physics region 1 requires attention" and check the details? Can you share snapshot of these details?

  • Hello nmpatre,

    There were no messages before I clicked the solve physics button. If I click on the "more" text, no new information is shown, only that the physics region 1 needs to be re-created, as already told.

    It is strange that the simulation starts and run for a few iterations without any warnings, and then suddenly all the messages are shown together and the simulation stops with the error

    Thank you,

  • Just for clarification,

    Apparently, the problem has been solved. Just free up Hard disk space and the issue should not happen.

    Thank you,

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