Thermal aspects during Turning operation

@peteroznewman Sir I have searched so many times for accepted answer but I didn't get it. once again sorry for that I have also tried @Rob sir's approach but still not finding yet. May be I have started with new discussion so may be this is not occurring now, I am trying here my doubt as Ask a Question according to @Kremella sir's guidance.

@peteroznewman Sir i have tried with 12 mm tool travel nut still my tool is not travelling

and actually distance between that two vertex is 6.8 mm which you have mentioned in last discussion.

here i am also attaching my ANSYS 2019 file.

please guide me why this things is happening

if you find any mistake please change it and send with me for better understanding.

Please answer as soon possible.

Give regards

Mihir Amin

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  • Kp_9079Kp_9079 Member Posts: 6

    @peteroznewman Sir

    i saw @MAMIN219 file , in that if the tool was moving then why there is no removal of material from the workpiece ( chip formation) ?

  • MAMIN219MAMIN219 Member Posts: 42

    Respected sir @peteroznewman

    Well , sorry for disturbing you number of times ,

    However I am trying these simulation from the past 1 month and following your proper guidance , still i am not able to achieve the movement of the tool , and consequently chip formation .

    So sir please can you guide me where I am making mistake , so that i can successfully achieve my target.

    I have also performed this data in ANSYS 2020 R2 but Here I am sending ANSYS 2019 file so please check this file and send feedback with us so we can get clear idea about it and also this simulation is too much time taking so what can i do for reduce time .

    I have applied automatic mass scaling option 'Yes"

    please guide me and simulate this file if any mistake . so that I can understand where i am mistaking in My simulation. Once again Thank you @peteroznewman Sir

    for always replying my post with clear clarification.

    Give regards,

    Mihir Amin

  • MAMIN219MAMIN219 Member Posts: 42

    @peteroznewman Respected sir ,

    Please Give answer,

    What can I do to simulate this result as fast as possible

    Refer my previous file and Question and please answer me as soon as possible

    Give regards,

    Mihir Amin

  • MAMIN219MAMIN219 Member Posts: 42

    Thank you so much @peteroznewman for perfect clarification of my doubt.

    I am really thankful for your valuable comments and feedback as well as motivation with projects by giving Valuable answer.

    I have also tried plot but didn't understand properly that's why I have asked regarding that. Now I have clear clarifications on that.

    Right now I didn't have any research license or cloud facility so

    Can you please send file after 7 days if possible.

    Or send me that updated file then I will try to simulate any other place.

    Please explain logic behind opposite direction of angular velocity and remote displacement. I didn't understand that yet so please elaborate for better understand

    And please send that simulated file if possible

    Once again Thank you so much for always giving great feedback and helping us.

    Give Regards,

    Mihir Amin

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member Posts: 11,073
    edited October 2020


    Which direction do you understand the workpiece rotates, the blue arrow or the orange arrow?

  • MAMIN219MAMIN219 Member Posts: 42
    edited October 2020

    @peteroznewman In your above picture

    Arrow with blue colour which is direction of workpiece. Tool travel is -z direction according to coordinate system.

    If any wrong concept please highlight this and give your feedback with reason for better understand.

    If you have cloud facility with you and possible then run this simulation so that i can understand properly temperatures effect in this simulation which main aim of my simulation.

    Otherwise send me your updated file for better understand which will take very less time consumption. So that i will try to simulate as soon as possible.

  • MAMIN219MAMIN219 Member Posts: 42

    @peteroznewman Thank you so much for your brief explanation and clarification of all doubt.

    I will check CL and all things related to direction which you have guided me me and also I will change explicit material with failure criteria.

    With Regards,

    Mihir Amin

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member Posts: 11,073
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    I suppressed the tool and had only a cylindrical tube with an initial rotational velocity in rad/s, and a remote displacement scoped to the ID with an angular displacement in degrees. When I divide the angle by the end time, it is equal to the initial rotational velocity. I ran that simulation just to see the workpiece rotate at about 350 RPM.

    I was disappointed to see the workpiece develop a huge strain over the simulation until elements were eroded away as they reached the 50% strain value I had set.

    This is an unexpected result.

    I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the axis of the cylinder is a large distance from a global axis. I intend to edit the geometry and move the cylinder to be on a global axis and see if I get a different result.

  • MAMIN219MAMIN219 Member Posts: 42

    @peteroznewman yes sir sure. Thank you for always giving your valuable feedback and motivate us😊

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