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Hello dear all members,

Solution is terminated with this errors and strange explosion of outer tube as shown here. What is the problems in here and what are the a lot of warnings in output here? Please kindly see these and give me suggestion. Thank you so much any time given to me.

I did add more sub steps in loading and divide the more small element mesh (fine mesh) with this tube.




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    The warnings seem to suggest that the tube (or one of the parts) is not constrained fully and it has rigid body motion. Can you show images for the boundary conditions you applied.

    There is also an error in your model. It could be high element deformation error. can you send an image of this error message?

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    Common modeling check to identify rigid body motion constraints:

    1) Apply a uniform elevated temperature load to a model. A properly constrained model should not generate any stress under a free thermal expansion loading condition. 

    2) Modal analysis will frequently expose the problem bodies of an improperly constrained static model.  Zero frequency modes will be found for every possible rigid body motion. Animating the mode shape will graphically illustrate the direction in which the model is free to translate and/or rotate.

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