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I have a composite laminate (shell) consisting of 44 layeres, loaded in bending. I want to analyze the normal stress along three edget for all layers seperately (also 2 loadcases and two laminates) and export the data. Right now i make an export per layer but this is time consuming this is need to this 12 times. Do you guys know a way so I can make one export of all the normal stresses per layer along one edge?


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    You could use APDL command snippet to do this. Something like below:


    time1= 1 ! time corresponding to load case 1

    time2 = 2 ! time corresponding to load case 2

    *do,loadcase,1,2,1 ! loop thru 2 load case


    cmsel,s,edge ! assumes you have a named selection called 'edge'

    esln,s ! select elements attached to this edge


    layer,layers ! select which layer data to output


    /output,layer%layers%,dat ! send data to files called layer1.dat, layer2.dat etc.





  • @CS, thank you so much for the comment, I had to made some changes in the script, it still does not work as expected but hopefully i can manage this.

    I will leave the question open for now, if a managed it I will close it.

  • i was not able to succeed yet, since I am not familiair with the ADPL code I was hoping you could help me. So maybe it is an idea if i first describe the process I do manually and I want to automate. So I have a normal load solution created for the names selection called "edge". and the sub scope is set per layer. position is in the middle and only orientated in the X-axis (but loads in Y, Z, XY, XZ,YZ is also perferable) . Now i can set the number of which layer I want to evaluate. So the situation can be viewed in the first figure. In the second figure you can see the result where in column 1 the node numbers are set and in colum2 the normal stress in the X direction.

    The code you wrote is more focussed on the elements and I want to have the stresses per node, in the mid of the layer.

    Could you help me with this?

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