Cylindrical axisymmetrical external data importation


I need to import data which are axisymmetrical. So i uploaded data in one radius.

Experimental data is axisymmetrical which means that source N1 is the center and i need to have the same distribution in all directions (rotation around the center)

I used external data, by considering cylindrical coordinates, as shown in the table

But the distribution of data i got is the following, or i need to have axisymmetrical data

However, when i change the axis, x, y and z. I got an axisymmetrical distribution with only one value was taken into account, as the source data is vertical and not linear to the radius.

So how can i import data in a radius, then, sweep it (rotation around the center) to have the same distribution in all directions (axisymmetrical distribution)


  • gnagappgnagapp Forum Coordinator

    @biocouHi @biocou

    For 2d(axisymmetric) to 3d mapping , you need the imported data to have X and Y coordinates and corresponding load values. In "External data", make sure you specify 2D for dimension. You can ignore unavailable data

    You should see 2D projection option when importing 2D data

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