Evaporation Rate

I am currently working on an evaporation/solar absorber project and was hoping to model the mass and energy balances using Ansys. Currently, I have results from lab experiments that determined the evaporation rate of water within the solar absorber. I am wondering if there is a way in Ansys to input the evaporation rate to solve the temperature profile and heat-transfer of a large scale system.


  • Hi,

    Yes, you should be able to add evaporation rate to your model. You can do it a couple of ways.

    You can solve a multiphase model and add this as a mass transfer term.

    Or, you could do this another way. You could also add the evaporation as a volumetric source term.

    You should be able to find some tutorials on YouTube. Please use the keywords - "Fluent modeling evaporation".

    Thank you.


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