Domain Decomposition in HFSS

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What does Relative Residual mean in Domain Decomposition solver of HFSS?

If my simulation warns that domain decomposition does not converge after 200 iterations, what does that mean?


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    There are three solver methods in HFSS: Direct, Iterative and Domain solvers. Iterative solver uses a "guess and check" type of algorithm and the "residual" is a measure of closeness between the approximate (guessed) and exact solution. Details of the iterative solver method are found in the HFSS Help under "Iterative Matrix Solver Technical Details." The domain solver uses both direct and iterative solver methods so the relative residual concept is the same as what's described in the Iterative solver technical details documentation. 

    There's a limit to the number of times the solver iterates through the "guess and check" algorithm - by default 200 iterations. If the solver isn't converging on a solution after 200 iterations, it's generally indicative of model setup issues or - perhaps - that this model is not well suited for the domain solver. If possible, try running with Direct solver and see if that works better in this case.

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