CFD Post "Not Responding" upon startup in Workbench 2020 R1 Student Version

stump2stump2 Member

I am trying to model flow over a wing for an assignment. I am able to complete the geometry, mesh and setup with no problems. I can even run the calculation and do post-processing/visualization work in Fluent, but when I go to open CFD Post to create more detailed visuals, CFP Post freezes. The window for CFD Post opens but it gets no further and a "(Not Responding)" message appears at the top of the window.

This issue is not unique to this simulation and has been persisting for approximately a week. I am even running into this issue in older simulations where I did all my post-processing work in CFD Post. I have tried uninstalling the Student Version and reinstalling it in hopes that a "reboot" like that will solve this issue, but with no luck

Has anyone run into a similar problem and can offer some advice on how to go about fixing it? Any advice would be appreciated.



  • Hi,

    I'm assuming that you are running this on Windows 10 and have a dedicated graphics card for this. Is this the case?

    Did CFD post ever work on this system? Is this a recent error you are seeing?



  • Yes I am running this on Windows 10, sorry I didn't specify. I am using an ASUS ROG Strix Hero II Edition GL504GM-IH73 Laptop for the simulation and am connecting to an external monitor with a HDMI cable. I have been able to use CFD Post on this system up until approximately a week ago.

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