Static Structural Simulation of Polymer

Dear ANSYS Forum

I am trying to simulate the deformation of a Control layer made of polymer acting under the influence of two pressures (one is atmospheric pressure and the other is a higher pressure due to air in a chamber). It is a symmetric design so I just took a quarter section of the design and applied symmetry boundary condition. I switched on "Large deformation" since I am working on polymer. The simulation looks very straightforward but for some reason I am not able to get good results so I have decided to seek your help. I have attached the WorkBench file (ANSYS 2019R1).

This is the geometry with the boundary conditions:

This is the result I get:

This is the shape I am expected to get:

The maximum directional deformation I am expected to get is anything between 0.2mm to 3mm. Please see the attached WorkBench file and thank you for your help



  • KaiKai Forum Coordinator

    @bamidoao1 as Ansys employee, I'm not allowed to download your model, but the result in the second image is not converged (see the legend says "unconverged") so it doesn't represent the actual deformation. Convergence problem can be caused by many factors which is not easy to troubleshoot without looking into the model. You can search for "convergence" in this forum to find info how to resolve it. Generally, you may ramp up the load more slowly, e.g., use more time steps.

  • Thank you. I ramped the load slowly and it worked. Thank you

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