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I am quite new in ANSYS and have a problem with my model.

I have a part which is made of lot of shells. This part should slide on the rigid body, see figure 1.

The part should be able to move in the positive z-direction, but not step throug the rigid body (negativ z-direction).

In Figure2 you see the connection between the shells and the rigid body.

You see the details of the rigid body in figure3.

When I start my calculation i get the error "Not enough constraints..".

I want to get an fixed support on the rigid body. Can anyone tell my how to do this?

I also tried to use an "Compression Only Support" instead of the rigid body, but I can not choose my shells there fore.

Thank you


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  • bokaJbokaJ Member


    Thank you very much for your quick and very helpful answer.

    As you can see in the following picture, the deformation looks as expected.

    But there is a slight step through at some areas. In my opinion this should not be possible?

    On the picture below, you can see the details of the contact between the rigid body and the shell body.

    On the picture below you can see the initial information of the contact.

    For the hickness of the shell and the rigid body I choose 15mm. But I put the rigid body directly on the shell, or should I leave a gap of 15mm(=7,5+7,5) between the shell and the rigid body?

    Would you possibly so kind as to help me again with this problem?

    Thank you a lot,


  • bokaJbokaJ Member

    thank you very much sir!

    the maximum penetration is about 0,001mm.

    I learned a lot from you!

    Best regards


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