Steady vs unsteady particle tracking

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What is the difference between steady and unsteady particle tracking?

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    We inject the particle every some iterations if coupled and then track the whole trajectory (until the particle exits the domain or runs out of steps). If uncoupled we just run the particle track as a post processing exercise to see where they go.


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    One is transient and the other isn't.

    Steady - you see the whole particle trajectory in one image, but it's hard to see whether the crossing tracks are at the same time or not. Fairly quick to compute as we just look at the flow field in each cell and compute the whole particle trajectory in one go.

    Transient - you see the particle position change with time but no connection with the previous position (other than ID if coloured in that way). Easier to see what may or may not collide or get caught in recirculation zones though. Takes a lot longer to run as we update the particle position with time and release particles with each time step so there are a lot more of them.

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    Thank You for the answer. Since you mentioned we inject the particles based on the given time steps, but how is it done for the steady simulation?

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