how to use the iterative solver for a physical model with large in size

Currently I am doing static structural analysis in ansys workbench. For my model i have to do mesh refinement study. Initially i have designed the model with 1.2L elements and slowly increased to 2.35L, the simulation was running successfully. When i increase the number of elements to 2.65L it was stopped due to memory issues. Can i use the iterative solver instead of direct solver. If so, how to use it and settings for that.

Anyone would be highly appreciated.


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    Under Analysis Settings is Solver selection where you can force it to be the Iterative solver instead of the Direct solver.

    I don't understand the meaning of 1.2L , 2.65L.

    To do a mesh refinement on the maximum stress, you only need to refine the mesh in the local volume around the location of maximum stress. You can do this by adding a Sizing Mesh Control on the Body and make the Type Sphere of Influence. But you must first create a Coordinate System with an origin near the location of maximum stress. Most of the rest of the model does not need smaller elements.

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