patjoypatjoy Member Posts: 16

Hi Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone has come across the following message when running an S-ALE simulation in LS-DYNA? It appears that the model runs fine and I do see any obvious errors when looking at the GLSTAT results so I am not to sure what purpose of this message is:

something wrong...salecpl_getvfpt, pd<0?, pd= -1.292409509211626E-016

The number after pd seems to change every time I get the message.

Thank you!



  • idoido Member Posts: 7

    Hi Patjoy,

    This is just a monitoring note for the developer. Not an error. The use of double precision may prompt this sometimes. It won’t cause any trouble. Basically it should have been zero. But instead the calculation gave a tiny negative number and we just make a note for sanity check.

    Ian Do

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