uniformly distributed particles inside a room as a initial condition

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Hi, thank you for reading my question. I am on my project and encountered a problem.

I want to analyse the effect of natural ventilation for the already existing particles in advance.

I need to set a room that has a particular number of particles uniformly distributed inside the room.

After setting particles, I will run the simulation and study the residual particles.

Is it possible to distribute the exact number of particles inside the room? If not, is there any other suggestion for me?



  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator

    You might use transient particle tracking so that you can take advantage of volume injection. You can then what you describe and patch certain number of parcels in the domain. If you want later to run the whole thing steady, you just export the position of the particles as file and use that file as "file injection" for your steady-state particle tracking.

  • n00nnn00nn Member

    Thank you for your answer. However, still I don't know how to solve my problem. Could you please explain the process in detail? Does transient particle tracking mean unsteady particle tracking in Discrete Phase Model option? How can I set Volume injection?

  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator

    Yes. Enable it and and you can use volume injection.

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    Thank you for your answer. Thanks to your advice, I decided to use a file injection for my simulation. Also, I want to inject particle for a few seconds. So I turned on the unsteady particle tracking option. However, after I turned it on and select a file injection, I found two new variables, Start Flow-Time in Files, and Repeat Interval in Files. What do these two variables mean? I searched for the information about the two and cannot find any description. Thanks again!

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    If you have a transient injection you also need to tell Fluent when the injection is active, ie is it a one off, or do you inject for a period, so there's a start and stop time.

  • DrAmineDrAmine GermanyForum Coordinator

    Information should be available in the Fluent Help.

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