Elastomer compression simple simulation

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Hi, I'm trying to simulate a simple assembly with 3 parts in it. A plug pushing a rubber bushing under pressure inside a housing. Can't solve it? What im doing wrong. I uploaded an archive. Could someone take a look and point the errors.


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    Very few hyperelastic material models are simple. Most of them are difficult to converge.

    Check your contacts, you are missing a few edges in this one.

    Notice that I had to suppress the automatically created Contact Region 4.

    You want to force the solver to take many small substeps. It's good that you set the Initial Substeps to 1000. It's bad that you set the Minimum Substeps to 10. Make that 1000 also.

    This is not enough to get this to converge to full load, you have to do a lot more.

    Use the Search function to look for discussions on Hyperelastic material models.

    I made a few changes to this model and got it to converge to 20% of the 1 MPa pressure. If you plot the Displacement vs Pressure curve, it goes basically flat after just 5% of the load has been applied.

    Attached is an ANSYS 2020R1 archive.

    1 s on this plot = 0.2 MPa

  • Very appreciate for your input, many thanks 😊

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