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Hello All,

If calculation the electromagnetic force for electric motor in ansys and workbench, anyone knows which part of the flux density has been considered?

Is the flux density in the stator teeth tip part or even the flux density in air gap near to slot considered>?



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  • nchodenchode Posts: 224Forum Coordinator


    Can you provide more information regarding which force are you talking about and on which part of the motor?

    If you have any application please share the sketch for better understanding of your question.



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    Hello Navya,

    Thanks for your reply.

    For the harmonic vibration analysis of the electric machines, the electromagnetic force in the air gap is the excitation, which is generated by the ansys maxwell. And the electromagnetic force on each stator teeth tip is simulated in the workbench. Could I ask which part of the flux density are considered in the simulation? Is that the red arch shown in the picture?



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    Flux density is calculated in the entire region. If you are using Maxwell stress tensor method to calculate harmonic fore, the force will be along the arc in air gap.

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    Hello deli,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I know there are two methods can be used to calculate the EM forces in airgap, Maxwell tensor method and virtual work method. During the simulation in ansys, could we change the method for the calculation?

    Thanks a lot.


  • uwindsorspzuwindsorspz Posts: 17Member

    Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation.

    Could I ask where could I get these slides? it may help me to understand the background knowledge.

  • delideli Concord, MAPosts: 10Member

    Sorry this is from an internal presentation, I can only share the generic part. Hope it helps?

    If you are looking for more in depth support, feel free to submit a service request.

  • uwindsorspzuwindsorspz Posts: 17Member

    Thanks a lot for the reply.


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