Difference between fixed support and remote displacement

Hello, I would like to know the difference between a fixed support condition and a remote displacement condition with all DOF fixed to 0.

I'm asking this because I was practicing with some basic examples, i.e a cantilever beam. Applying fixed support at one end gave me higher stresses, while remote displacement with all DOF set to 0 gave me much better results.

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    Hello Aniket, I checked the links and just found the definitions. I was hoping that maybe someone could bring an example to get a better understanding of the difference between these two boundary conditions.

    Best regards.

    Edit: I was doing some testing and I think Fixed Support = R.D with all DOF fixed to 0 + Behaviour = Rigid.

    I'm working on some projects where the condition R.D + all DOF fixed to 0 + Behaviour = Flexible is giving me good results.


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