I am getting an error internal magnitude limit exceeded

Hi, I am doing an analysis on SMA actuated 4 bar mechanism. All my links except spring are rigid. I followed the rules regarding contacts between rigid and flexible bodies. i am unable to detect the flaw. please help me out with this.

SMA (Shape Memory Alloys)


  • The error suggests that your model is not properly constrained and one part is flying away. Check which part it is, and check that it is properly constrained (a modal analysis is useful for this).

  • I have checked. As far as I am concerned the problem is fully constrained or I unable to find the ill constrained part. Regarding modal analysis can you explain me more in detail. Or please tell me how to send the file here so that you can have a better look.

  • In Workbench, right click your static structural system and click "Duplicate". Right click the duplicated system and click "Replace with" -> "Modal". Open the model and remove the thermal condition and joint displacement, and outputs that are unavailable for modal analysis. You'll also have to add density to your materials (the value doesn't matter). If the solution gives you zero-frequency modes, your model is not properly constrained.

  • Ok I will do that and let you know

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