Micropile soil Interaction

RaniaRania AustraliaMember Posts: 9

Dear Friends

model is consist of 2 components: Soil/steel hollow Micropile / frictional contact (coefficient is 0.5) between soil and micropile (surface to surface), (contact pairs is closed)

BC; Bottom soil is fixed in ALLDOF/ areas on the sides of soil block fixed in UX,UY/ top area of the micropile: uplift pressure (9MPa),

LS1: GRAVITY/ LS2: Uplift pressure and Gravity

the model did not solved as the errors shown in the attached photo,

any help in solving this error appreciate a lot


  • jjdoylejjdoyle PittsburghMember Posts: 97

    If you switch frictional to bonded and switch out the soil material with linear elastic (as a test), does that solve? If not, what is the error message? If bonded solves with the soil, maybe you need larger pinball radius for frictional contact along with many more substeps and turn on unsymmetric solver (NROPT,unsym). If bonded fails with soil, perhaps your soil material model needs work. I am assuming that all the nodes at the base (soil and micropile) are fully fixed, but that is not clear to me.

  • RaniaRania AustraliaMember Posts: 9

    @jjdoyle thanks for your comments, I run a linear analysis with bonded contact, the model run successfully, I run the model again with large pinball radius, and i still get the same errors, I appreciate your suggestions

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