How to do direct optimization using spaceclaim?

I'm trying to do a basic mechanical simulation: if I have a glass wall of 1m x 2m size, with a certain pressure difference (1bar on one side and 2bar on the other), what is the required thickness needed to resist with a 1.5x safety factor margin?

The way I set up the problem is by building a slab in spaceclaim and setting up all boundary conditions in mechanical (fixed edges, P=1bar on one side, P=2bar on the other). I then wanted to iterate all possible thicknesses, say from 5mm to 50mm increasing every 5mm, until I find the ideal one.

The problem I'm facing right now is that I cannot export the glass thickness as a parameter from spaceclaim. I saw some videos on how to do it with Direct Modeler, but it looks to me that spaceclaim lacks parametrization completely.

Is this correct, or is there a way to parametrize geometry? Can I export the thickness so to iterate it using Direct Optimization?


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