What is your advice on size disparities in meshes in explicit dynamics?

Hello learning forum!

I have questions regarding my meshes involved in an interaction between a rotating cylinder sample and a small tool. Also if you have any comments as to the way I am approaching this simulation, please feel free to provide your input!

I have attempted to section my models to generate a better hex mesh.

My concern is that the mesh of my tool is finer than my sample. Also, my sample does not have layers at the surface of interaction. Should I consider layers where the sample would be machined?

As a side note, I have the student copy of Ansys and the scale of this analysis is quite small. I am primarily interested in the stresses, strains, and forces in the tool.

I would appreciate your input. 😀

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  • wyattwyatt Member

    Ok, thank you, @peteroznewman !

    I was plotting element quality in the mesh metric. I have attached the characteristic length mesh metric.

    I will try using symmetry and see how things turn out. (pun not intended)

    Would you recommend refining the mesh on the workpiece, and if so, how would you go about it?

    I will start a new thread as more questions come up, but as a side note: the RPM that I plan on applying to the workpiece is 500. One revolution would be .125 seconds. Explicit dynamic analysis (from what I have seen) last about 100-1000x less than this. So I may limit the size of the sample to the amount of time it interacts. I have more questions surrounding this, which I will ask in a new thread.

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    @wyatt Insert Mesh controls to make smaller elements on the workpiece. There are many ways to get a similar result. Inflation is one tool to get several thin layers of elements off the surface. Pick the body in the first field and pick the face of the workpiece as the Boundary. You can also use a Size mesh control and pick the circular edges to put more elements along those edges.

    It's good practice to start a new discussion when you ask questions on a different topic since that helps others who are searching for help to find it more easily.

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