Springback Analysis Using Explicit Solver Part 2: Nonlinear Material

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Based on this study, the explicit solver can can sucessfully predict springback of sheet metals with nonlinear materials. Compared with traditional dynain implicit method, they give the same predicition. However, seamless springback analysis did not predict the the springback correctly. Your comments are highly appreciated.


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    In springback compensation, implicit method SHOULD be used to get quick and more accurate solution. The mentioned convergence issue might come from in appropriate setting. for example, element #2 is not as good as #12 in convergence. In addition, there are many implicit control keywords, which might also cause problems. To make it easy for user to use implicit springback simulation, user simply need to remove all the implicit keywords, and add the following:



    This keyword has been used extensively in springback analysis and we have not have any issues. 

    Explicit springback analysis was popular before 2000. At that time, implicit method was not robust and memory is also a concern. The main drawback of using explicit method is that the result depends the termination, damping coefficient.

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