Progress Bar doesn't show in Ansys Work Bench

I am running a Fluent Simulation. Usually I can check the progress by clicking the "Show Progress" button on the lower right corner of the Workbench. I can see the Progress window but it doesn't show the progress. I would be grateful if any of you could help or provide any insight into the problem.

Thank you.

P.S. The first image shows how it should be and the second shows how it is right now.

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  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    I tend to run Fluent in standalone mode so use the Fluent progress tools rather than Workbench. Unless you're using the parametric tools it's a good approach. Is the Fluent session (GUI) open or are you running it via Workbench.

  • Hi Rob,

    Thank you very much for taking your time to reply. I am new to Ansys so I am using the Workbench 'Fluid Flow(Fluent)' Analysis System (I don't know if it's what you mean by Standalone). During the Set-Up process, I do get the Fluent GUI but it doesn't show the Progress in my case. I would appreciate any insight. Thank you.

  • Thank you Rob, I really appreciate your help.

    I will try running the executable directly. Thanks.

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