How to set poloidal currents in ANSYS Maxwell

Aliosha86Aliosha86 Member
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Hi guys,

I am facing a problem in giving as input in ANSYS Maxwell, a current that flows poloidally as in the picture.

The solid has an offset from the global coordinate system, and in order to have the section where the current flows I had to set a relative coordinate system.

I can give the current, and it seems that ansys evaluate the conduction path correctly.

Nevertheless, it always stop giving me the error: "Current leak to the air".

I do not know how is possible.

Does anyone know a possible solution?



  • icellb1icellb1 Forum Coordinator

    Hi, @Aliosha,

    May I ask if your current is at a cross-section of a closed loop conduction path? The conduction path has to be composed of all conducting material. Otherwise you need to assign current at two cross sections at the two end of an open conduction path. Would you like to share more details about your model (especially the coil configuration)?

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