How to use THUMS positioning tool?


I'm working with THUMS (Total HUman Model for Safety) v5.03 in LS-PrePost 4.5 , and I noticed the available positioning tool specified for this human model. I usually work with the Hybrid III dummy's positioning, but it is not the same for the THUMS positioning tool as it doesn't find information about joints, hence I can’t change limb orientations. (whereas the H-point still works).

I couldn't find anything to solve this issue in either the manuals or the user guides. Could you give me some help?


  • KaiWangKaiWang Member Posts: 2

    This application was developed about eight years ago, and had never got updated anymore since that, right now, there are two approaches to position THUMS in LS-PrePost4.x version.

    The first method: Joint Positioner

            INPUT:     both THUMS file and “joint set info” file.

        The standard step is..

       1. Read the THUMS file into LS-PrePost.

       2. Go to Application->THUMS Positioning dialog.

       3. In Process page: you can set the termination time, number of output state, density, etc.

      4. Go to Limb page: Select any joint, say "Left_shoulder_joint", then set rotation axis and angle, Click "Apply".

       5. Click "Run Dyna" to set solver path, memory, etc, then click "Run" to solve.

       Some notes:

          1). There are two buttons named "Output" and "Run Dyna" in the upper_left of THUMS Positioning dialog, the output button is just to output the keyword file, but "Run Dyna" calls the solver to solve as well.

           2). As long as the H-Point info(set name is: thums_hpoint_id,see my input set info file ) is specified, you can also go to "H-Point" page to translate and rotate THUMS.

           3). For now, the way can only position one joint each time.

           4). After you position some joint, the new position(*NODE) will automatically be loaded into the current model.

    5). The “joint set info” file is an input deck which contains some *SET_NODE_LIST_TITLE(s) and *SET_PART_LIST_TITLE(s) and looks like:









    The 2nd method: Pull Positioner

          INPUT:     a THUMS file and the tool file(including tool info, like *define_curve_title, *set_node_xx, etc) which would be loaded from THUMS GUI.

    The standard step is..

       1. Read the THUMS file(which is too large to send by email) into LS-PrePost.

       2. Go to Application->THUMS Positioning dialog.

       3. Go to Limb->Pull Positioner page.

       4. Click "Load" to load the tool file(you can load multiple tool files here).

      5. You can modify "Tool name", "Pull speed factor", "Position" the tool,etc. Click "PID on tool" to pick parts for the output file:PullToolAttachment.k, don't forget to click "Save tool info" to save.

       6. Click "Run Dyna" to set solver path, memory, etc, then click "Run" to solve.

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