Fixed nodal displacement/movement

Hello, I am new in ANSYS workbench and in my project I am modeling a bolted joint assembly comprising one bolt, one nut and two plates in between. I have concern with the following matters:

Fixed nodal movement/displacement: In one part of my analysis, it is required to check the displacement of the lower part of the bolt shank (half) under the application of axial load downward (photo 3). I want all the nodes/elements move together when I apply the load to only one node/element and I heard that is possible with something called "multiple nodal constraint". I searched but could not find any way to do that. I don't want to apply load on the whole face of that lower part, only load at one fixed node/element and want other nodes in that face to follow that displacement.

Any help will be highly appreciated as I am wasting lots of time finding the solution. Thanks in advance.


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