Ansys Helic Tools Installation Issue: Missing Helic_PDK directory

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We recently got access to Helic tools for our school to be integrated with Cadence Virtuoso. In the installation procedure, the user manual PDF file says we need to extract and install the PDK files and that it should have the following directory tree, then set the PDK environment variable to this directory. I am not sure where to find this tar file exactly, I searched the tar files and the available online files but didn't find anything:

If the Helic_PDK is referred to the FAB PDK; then, normally FABs provide us with IRCX files and EM simulators either directly use it or include a converter to convert the IRCX to an appropriate format for the tool. Unfortunately, the docs (Like in VeloceRF) doesn't speak much about IRCX files:

I am stuck at this point and can't continue the installation. Without setting the PDK environment variable Helic won't start from Cadence Virtuoso.

Any help on this is much appreciated!

OS Info: CentOS Linux release 7.8.2003 (Derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.8)

Helic Version: helic_2020.R2.1

Virtuoso version: IC6.1.8-64b.500.14

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