can anybody tell me ,how to solve this issue?

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i have installed ansys student version.i extracted and installed everything in a disk ( LOCAL DRIVE D) other than the default ,windows C.

i didnt see any error files in D:\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student

but an error message comes while i open the ansys workbench and try a new geometry.

"An error occured while setting up the graphics window"

i tried searched in google ,but couldnt understand how to apply.I have graphics card of intel and nvidia (windows 10)

#while i am trying to open ansys workbench...

#after clicking ok....

#again if i try to make a geometry...


  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    @thansiyapa_gmail_com You can try updating your Nvidia driver (please go to Nvidia website, do not use Windows Device Manager)

    Then, make sure that your machine uses Nvidia card. Right click on the desktop then launch Nvidia Control Panel >> Manage 3D settings >> set Preferred graphics processor to be "High-performance NVIDIA processor.



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