How to mesh complex geometry?

Hello, good evening to everyone,

I'm working on my thesis project and i have to do a fluidodynamic simulation of a bioreactor to estimate permeability. I can't mesh this complex geometry referred to a bone scaffold. I tried several meshing methods but no one works. (i'm working with the student's version 2020 R2)

could you recommend me step by step a method of meshing?


  • Hello,

    Instead of attaching images to your post, could you please embed them directly? An Ansys employees, we are not able to download files attached to the forum. Please embed some images of your geometry so we can have a look.

    Also, which tool are you using? WB Meshing or Fluent Meshing?

    There is a new Fluent Meshing workflow for watertight geometries. This tool is fairly useful for generating good quality meshes, especially for complex geometries. Please feel free to try this. I'm pointing you to some videos which might help you get started with the workflow.

    This is another video from our Channel Partner (Ketiv Technologies).

    I hope this helps you get started.

    Thank you.


  • Thank you very much Kremella for your answer. I tried to use Wb mesh. I will try to use the Fluent meshing as recommended by you. This is the image of the scaffold:

  • I generated the geometry with Autodesk software. When I import it into fluent as an obj file it doesn't recognize it as solid but as "facets". Trying to convert it to solid, an error message appears about the inability to save projects with more than 200 faces. Is it possible to conduct the simulation without converting it to a solid?

  • Hi,

    No, you will need to convert your geometry to solid before meshing it. This is true for both WB as well as Fluent meshing.

    Also, one note on the Watertight Workflow - this works only on Clean CADs. If you have a dirty CAD (with errors), you will not be able to use the Watertight Geometry workflow in Fluent meshing. I'd recommend that you look at the wrapper in Fluent Meshing. Please see the following video.



  • Dear Karthik,

    Thank you very much for your help and your explanation. I will try to convert in to a solid body.

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