The ANSYS, Inc. License Manager service terminated unexpectedly. Then, license server unresponsive

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I've now seen two instances where the Ansys LM service has crashed. Immediately after this happens, our License server CPU pegs to 100% and becomes unresponsive. The only fix has been a forcible reboot.

What logs would be helpful in getting to the bottom of this?



  • dsurendrdsurendr Irvine, CAMember


    We have recently seen this issue because of the ANSYS Licensing Tomcat service running along with the License Manager, to support the GUI display.

    You can try stopping the Tomcat service from Services -> ANSYS Licensing Tomcat, right click and Stop

    Does it still show the high usage?

    You can Start and Stop this Tomcat service when you want to open the ANSYS License Management Center GUI

    Thank you.

  • Thanks for the response. Problem is, when this CPU spike occurs, the VM becomes completely unusable. I'm not able to manipulate the Tomcat service. This happens apparently at random, at a different time, every week or two

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    Hello David,

    This is a known problem. It is recommended to stop the ANSYS Licensing Tomcat service when not needing to make use of the License Management Center.



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