How to modelling a Mass-spring-damper system of two-body Point absorber WEC using Ansys Aqwa?

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Dear Colleague,

I would like to simulate a twobody Floating Point Absorber wave energy converter using Ansys Aqwa. Unfortunately, I have no idea to simulate a mass-spring-damper system that represents a Power take-off (PTO) system of WEC.

I look forward to your help to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance,


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    Hi @512145 ,

    If the relative motion of the two bodies is piston-like, please define a pair of fenders fixing on one structure and contacting on another structure's surfaces, such as


    The fenders' stiffness and damping coefficients can be defined.

    If the relative motion of the two bodies is rotational about an axis or a point, please use a joint of hinge or universal or ball and socket (see Aqwa User's Manual, Section 3.7.6). The stiffness and damping of the joint can be defined.


    Ashish Khemka

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