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Hello all,

I am in the process of modelling a full 3D tyre but have found that my model might be undergoing volumetric locking. I have read that by reducing the interpolation method that the effect that volumetric locking has on ones results can reduce. In my results the excessive non-realistic stiffness in the figure below, I believe, illustrates this phenomenon.

I am using ANSYS Mechanical, and saw that at the interpolation method my simulation is using; Mechanical APDL.

I have read this discussion, but am unsure how to change the interpolation method as the box does not have a drop down option (see image above).

The following are my Analysis Settings:

Thank you in advance

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  • akhemkaakhemka Forum Coordinator

    Hi @kirstenbraun ,

    The interpolation method post you entered here is for Fluent and you are looking to fit a force-displacement data? Please comment.


    Ashish Khemka

  • Hello @akhemka,

    That is correct, the link I posted is for Fluent and even though I am looking at ANSYS Mechanical I thought I’d just mention it to emphasize that I couldn’t find any information on interpolation methods in ANSYS Mechanical.

    The data that I am looking at is Vertical Force versus Vertical Displacement, and am hoping to change the interpolation method so that the effect of volumetric locking (which I suspect to be the cause of the non-realistic stiffness increase in my result figure previously attached) is decreased.

    Thank you


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