Need help with tomcat tuning in windows.

I have ansys license manager installed in a windows environment. When we upgraded to v2020r1 (and still occuring in 2020r2) We started getting memory leaks from the Ansys Licensing tomcat service. Anyone have a sheet on how to tune the Garbage collector and heap in java/tomcat for ANSYS in windows?



  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 717

    @KyleReeves This is a known issue. We recommend stopping the ANSYS Tomcat service when not needing to use the License Management Center. This should eliminate the issue and leave your license server running and accessible for all users.



  • torinrhtorinrh Member Posts: 1

    @mmadore When is this known issue going to be fixed, and where are we notified of it and the workaround when installing? ANSYS clients shouldn't have to see their license server machines crash before learning that the manager has a memory leak.

  • fgonzalefgonzale Member Posts: 10

    @mmadore thanks I am going to try this out. When viewed through the Task Manager it's actually not clear that the ANSYS Licensing Tomcat service is causing the issue as while the Task Manager will report that general memory is exhausted at 99% the ANSYS and Tomcat processes mostly look normal when viewed individually. At our institution we have 4 ANSYS License Servers installed on 4 different VMs. These VMs host license servers from other vendors as well so tracking it down to ANSYS has taken several months. Generally by the time we get an alert that something is going wrong the resource issues are so bad that RDP logins are no longer allowed and so we just end up just having to bounce the VM entirely (which has made tracking the problem down difficult)

    I will turn off the Tomcat service as you suggest but if this can be fixed it could help others who may be encountering the same issues but are not actually aware that the ANSYS Licensing Tomcat service is the culprit.

  • mmadoremmadore Ansys Employee Posts: 717

    @fgonzale You can also try updating to the 2021R1 License Manager as that has corrected the issue with ANSYS Licensing Tomcat service.

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