Bending simulation - hiding tools

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I have prepared bending simulation in one static structural analysis and it has 3 steps (bending, not whole simulation) and beginning setup looks like this:

Straight body in the middle is my sheet metal and the rest are bending tools - dies and stamps.

During simulation I turn on and off contacts so it's not a problem BUT I'd like to create movie where tools (die + stamp) are hiding when are inactive and unhide when they are working.

Is it possible?

I know I could do it by creating 3 static structural analysis, preparing movie in each and then combine it in one, but I don't know how to export one's analysis result into second one as input with mapped results.


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    It's one simulation right? I don't know of a way to hide bodies as a function of time during a simulation.

    Record the animation three times, hiding the appropriate parts for each recording, then splice the relevant pieces into one new movie.

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