Problems when trying to inflate mesh

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Hey everyone,

I am a student who is a beginner to CFD and I am having some problems while trying to do mesh inflation. When I am choosing named selections as my Boundary Scoping Method, the system wont allow me to select "Seal_With_Tag" as the named selection for the boundary option.

Here are some pictures of my program:



  • Hello,

    Is your named selection 'Seal with Tag' connected to the same body you selected under Inflation settings? If this is not the case, you will not be able to select this Named Selection under Inflation settings.

    Also, there seems to be a small question mark on your geometry. Perhaps, the model requires you to assign a material property. Please have a look into this.

    Thank you.


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    I appreciate the quick response.

    I have tried looking at the inflation settings and when I tried to make the Geometry the same as the body that is assigned to 'Seal_With_Tag' , it didn't seem to work. For the material options, I saw there actually wasn't a material assigned. I am trying to simulate a seal submerged in water so is there a material that would fit this?

    Also, I have included the steps I am taking from assigning the named selection all the way up to doing the inflation:

    As I said, when I get to this step, the Seal_With_Tag in the Boundary option is not selecting


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    The bigger problem is that you're using Mechanical to create a CFD Mesh. Go through the tutorials in Fluent Help, and carefully check you've got two connected bodies.

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    I have been trying to go through some relevant parts in a meshing manual I found (Meshing User's Guide - ResearchGate). But, I'm accessing the meshing software through right clicking on model in the Workbench (see image below). If not Mechanical, what software would you suggest to generate a CFD mesh? Also, would Mechanical affect the inflation options in a way that would lead to my current problem?

    Let me know and thank you

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    If you open a Fluent (or CFX) workflow you'll see "Meshing" is available. It's much the same as Mechanical but without midside nodes etc but with suitable meshing settings for CFD.

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