Error message "Request name HFSS_PARALLEL does not exist in the licensing pool"

I've got several Linux servers where I'm running RSM for AnsysEM 2019R3. Users will submit to these machines with the same 2019R3 version of AnsysEM. Some users are getting the error message "Request name HFSS_PARALLEL does not exist in the licensing pool". They have selected 'Pool' as the HPC license on the computer they're submitting the job from.

It can't be an issue of the RSM setup on the Linux servers, because it does work for some users and not others. For the case where the users get the error message, it doesn't even look like the Linux machine contacts the license server, since I monitored the traffic to the license server and there was nothing. What could be the cause of this error? It isn't even the file being submitted, because the same file can work for some users but not others.

Here is what the output log shows on the linux side for jobs that don't work:

2020/11/05 12:38:03   INFO               ANSYSLI_CMD=/opt/AnsysEM/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansyscl -acl 23360.63533 -nodaemon -log /home/peregier/.ansys/ansyscl.rfdesign7.23360.63533.log

2020/11/05 12:38:03   INFO               ANSYSLI_INITIALIZATION_FILE='/opt/AnsysEM/shared_files/licensing/ansyslmd.ini'

2020/11/05 12:38:03   INFO               ANSYSLI_PRODORD_FILE=COULD NOT BE FOUND!

2020/11/05 12:38:03   INFO               ANSYSLI_TIMEOUT_FLEXLM=15

2020/11/05 12:38:03   INFO               ANSYSCL_PORT=46142

2020/11/05 12:38:03   INFO               ANSYSLI_CLIENT_IDLE_TIMEOUT=10

2020/11/05 12:38:03   INFO               Ready to accept connections.

2020/11/05 12:38:04   CLIENT_ACCEPT                                                                                           1/1/1/1                                                                             12:       

2020/11/05 12:38:05   CLIENT_CONNECT                                                                                          1/1/1/1  23360:23360:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:       

2020/11/05 12:38:05   DENIED             HFSS_PARALLEL                  19.5 (2019.0717)            4/0/0/0                1/1/1/1  23360:23360:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:       

      Request name HFSS_PARALLEL does not exist in the licensing pool.

2020/11/05 12:38:15   CLIENT_SHUTDOWN                                                                                         0/1/1/1  23360:23360:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:       

2020/11/05 12:38:27   INFO               License server shutdown is complete. Thank you.


  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    @philregier Please make sure they set their HPC and Analysis Options to use the proper license based on which HPC licensing you have.

    For anshpc

    Use Legacy Electronics HPC: False

    HPC License Type: Pool


    For anshpc_pack

    Use Legacy Electronics HPC: False

    HPC License Type: Pack


    For hfsshpc

    Use Legacy Electronics HPC: True

    HPC License Type: Pool


    For hfsshpc_pack

    Use Legacy Electronics HPC: True

    HPC License Type: Pack

    Thank you,


  • Thanks Matt. We have the hfsshpc feature and I do have the 'Use Legacy Electronics HPC: True' and 'HPC License Type: Pool' set and I get the error, so it's not a problem with one of those settings.

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    How is the user submitting their job to run? If they are using "Submit Job" there are different settings they will need to use, they are set as batchoptions.



  • They're using 'Analyze All'.

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    @philregier Please make sure that when they are setting their HPC and Analysis Options that they are setting it for the correct Design Type.

  • Thanks, but these settings are correct as well.

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    Can you please share a screenshot of your license file?

  • We don't actually have a license file, we have a program here that gets the license from a server at a remote location. I don't see how it could be a license issue though.

    I can create two users on my Windows machine, for the sake of argument call them user1 and user2. I create the same two users on my Linux RSM machine. I login on Windows as user1 and submit a job to the RSM machine and it works fine. I login as user2 and submit the identical job to the RSM machine and it fails with that HFSS_PARALLEL message. In both cases I ask for 8 cores and there is no problem with availability of cores on the RSM machine. In the case where it doesn't work, the RSM machine doesn't even contact the license server at all (I can tell by monitoring the network packets). Somehow the RSM machine is rejecting jobs from certain usernames with that HFSS_PARALLEL error message without even talking to the license server. If I login to the RSM machine as user user2 then I can run HFSS directly on that machine without a problem using the same license configuration.

    The same issue occurs with different Linux RSM machines and different Windows machines. I tried changing the underlying uid number on Linux to the uid of a username that worked and that didn't help, so it's not related to the uid on the Linux side.

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    Please share the full text of the licdebug.HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE.195.out from the user's $HOME/.ansys or %TEMP%\.ansys directory. This log should contain the full text of the solve and hpc checks.

  • Here's the contents of that file for the user that didn't work:

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               Starting Licensing Client Proxy server.

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               /opt/AnsysEM/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansyscl -acl 21407.68691 -nodaemon -log /home/peregier/.ansys/ansyscl.maxcomp.21407.68691.log

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               Started ANSYSLI server.

    2020/11/11 14:25:08   CLIENT_CONNECT                                                                                          1/1/1/1  21407:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:    

    2020/11/11 14:25:08   NEW_CONNECTION     Connected to Licensing Client Proxy server: [email protected]

    2020/11/11 14:25:08   DENIED             HFSS_PARALLEL                  19.5 (2019.0717)            4/0/0/0                1/1/1/1  21407:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:    

          Request name HFSS_PARALLEL does not exist in the licensing pool.


    Here's the file contents for the user that did work:

    2020/11/11 12:20:20   INFO               Starting Licensing Client Proxy server.

    2020/11/11 12:20:20   INFO               /opt/AnsysEM/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansyscl -acl 9308.1208 -nodaemon -log /home/wmabdelw/.ansys/ansyscl.maxcomp.9308.1208.log

    2020/11/11 12:20:20   INFO               Started ANSYSLI server.

    2020/11/11 12:20:21   CLIENT_CONNECT                                                                                          1/1/1/1  9308:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:    

    2020/11/11 12:20:21   NEW_CONNECTION     Connected to Licensing Client Proxy server: [email protected]

    2020/11/11 12:20:22   SPLIT_CHECKOUT     hfsshpc                        19.5 (2019.0717)            4/4/4/4                1/1/1/1  9308:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:    

    2020/11/11 12:20:22   CHECKOUT           HFSS_PARALLEL                  19.5 (2019.0717)            4/4/4/4                1/1/1/1  9308:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:    

    2020/11/11 12:20:22   CHECKOUT           optimetrics                    19.5 (2019.0717)            1/1/1/1                1/1/1/1  9308:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:    

    2020/11/11 12:20:22   CHECKOUT           CAP_OPTIMETRICS                19.5 (2019.0717)            1/1/1/1                1/1/1/1  9308:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:    

    2020/11/11 12:20:22   CHECKOUT           hfss_solve                     19.5 (2019.0717)            1/1/1/1                1/1/1/1  9308:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:    

    2020/11/11 12:20:22   CHECKOUT           CAP_HFSS_SOLVE                 19.5 (2019.0717)            1/1/1/1                1/1/1/1  9308:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64  12:

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    Please share the entire contents of the failed case.

  • There's one other log file in the failed case, it's ansyscl.maxcomp.log, here's what it contains:

          -------------------------------------------- NORMAL STARTUP 2020/11/11 14:25:07 ---------------------------------------------

          ANSYS Licensing Interconnect version 2.0.1 (20190723) for linx64. Updated at ANSYS Release 2019 R3. Started on 2020/11/11 14:25:07 by [email protected]:linx64 with pid 21434.

          (C) 2007 - 2019 ANSYS, Inc. Unauthorized use, distribution, or duplication is prohibited.

          Built Using FlexNet Publisher v11.13.1.2 build 173085 x64_lsb

          Built Using OpenSSL 1.1.1b 26 Feb 2019


          Please note that entries in this debug log have the following format:

    TIMESTAMP             ACTION             FEATURE                   REVISION (BUILD DATE)            A/B/C/D                W/X/Y/Z  PID:MPID:APP:[email protected]:PLATFORM:DISPLAY                                   SOCKET:IP          

          Licenses statistics:


          A is the number of licenses requested by this ACTION.

          B is the number of licenses used by this USER.

          C is the number of licenses used by all users.

          D is the number of licenses available in the local license pool.

          License server performance statistics:


          W is the number of currently connected client applications.

          X is the maximum number of connected client applications.

          Y is the unique serial number of this client application.

          Z is the number of all client applications served by this Licensing Interconnect server.


    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               ANSYSLI_CMD=/opt/AnsysEM/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansyscl -acl 21407.68691 -nodaemon -log /home/peregier/.ansys/ansyscl.maxcomp.21407.68691.log

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               ANSYSLI_INITIALIZATION_FILE='/opt/AnsysEM/shared_files/licensing/ansyslmd.ini'

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               ANSYSLI_PRODORD_FILE=COULD NOT BE FOUND!

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               ANSYSLI_TIMEOUT_FLEXLM=15

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               ANSYSCL_PORT=46328

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               ANSYSLI_CLIENT_IDLE_TIMEOUT=10

    2020/11/11 14:25:07   INFO               Ready to accept connections.

    2020/11/11 14:25:08   CLIENT_ACCEPT                                                                                           1/1/1/1                                                                             12:       

    2020/11/11 14:25:08   CLIENT_CONNECT                                                                                          1/1/1/1  21407:21407:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64    12:       

    2020/11/11 14:25:08   DENIED             HFSS_PARALLEL                  19.5 (2019.0717)            4/0/0/0                1/1/1/1  21407:21407:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64    12:       

          Request name HFSS_PARALLEL does not exist in the licensing pool.

    2020/11/11 14:25:09   CLIENT_SHUTDOWN                                                                                         0/1/1/1  21407:21407:HFSSCOMENGINE.EXE:[email protected]:linx64    12:       

    2020/11/11 14:25:22   INFO               License server shutdown is complete. Thank you.

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