How do I mesh a fluid flow around a solid?

Hey everyone,

Firstly, I'd like to thank anyone that takes their time out to help me. I really appreciate the help. Thank you.

Now, on to my question. I'm new to Ansys and I'm looking at studying the wind loads on a solar panel located on a pitched roof. I've constructed my fluid domain and my solid body. The solids are - One main body (house), 3 solar panels (3 seperate solid bodies) attached to main body. (Seperate question: Do i need to define anything like contact between the house and solar panels or is it done automatically before meshing?) . My main question is : How do I mesh this? Should I suppress the solid or mesh the solid or just the surface of the solid? I know i have to mesh my fluid domain obviously. I've been getting errors while meshing so I just wanted to figure out what I've been doing wrong. I'll attach a screenshot that should hopefully give a better idea of my model.

If i have to mesh both solid and fluid domain, how do I resolve any errors while meshing? Shared topology? I'm clueless right now.

Thanks. :)


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