Out of memory error encountered. Solve session has been reinitialized.

Hello, I installed the Ansys Discovery live in my new laptop.

When I try to simulate appears the following

Please help


  • Hello,

    It seems like your graphics card driver is old. Please update your NVidia driver and this should help address your issue.

    The default NVIDIA settings usually allows the program running to determine whether or not to use the high performance graphics hardware. You don't need to set this manually every time. I suspect that the driver update should resolve this.

    Thank you.


  • HansGonzalezHansGonzalez Member
    edited November 6

    Hi, I updated the NVidia driver. It continues with the problem.

    It could be the Windows? The laptop comes with Windows Home.

    Does it need any other program instalation before the Ansys instalation?

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