Current License usage doesn't match actual usage

So our license manager detects that this one particular machine seems to be using multiple licenses at the same time. When we went to check, machine only had one project open and running. The issue become more apparent when we close all projects on our machines and recheck the current license usage. The license manager still indicated that that particular machine is using three of our licenses when HFSS is not even running. We tried restarting the problematic desktop and this didn't decrease the current license usage.

I am attaching a screenshot of the license current usage. This is after we have restarted the problematic desktop.

We did managed to workaround this by stopping the license manager and then resuming it. However, this issue will keep cropping up the moment we open a project on the problematic desktop.

If anyone in the community also encountered this issue and managed to solve the problem, I would love to receive any advice you can offer.


  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    @antonyh If there appears to be a hung license on a client machine, and all ANSYS applications are closed, you can look for a hung ansyscl.exe process and kill that to try releasing the license. You can get a better view of the license status using "Display FlexNet License Status" in the License Management Center. It will show when the license was checked out, by who and on which machine.



  • @mmadore Thanks for the reply Matt! I checked the task manager on the problematic machine and only see these ANSYS programs running (screenshot). I did not see any ansyscl.exe process running.

    Checking the "Display FlexNet License Status", I found that the same machine was using multiple licenses as described in my initial post.

    As shown in the screenshot, the licenses were requested around 30 minutes apart by the same machine. I confirmed with the person using it that he was opening only a single HFSS project and there is no other HFSS project running in the background

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