Eddy Current on Bulk Materials

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to simulate an AC current electromagnet ( something simple, a core and a winding), in the design I used a non-laminated core, so there is no parameter like sheet thickness. I am interested in simulating the amount of heat it would generate due to Eddy current in a non-laminated core using AC current using the transient magnetic solver, basically calculating the losses separately (Hysteresis losses, Eddy Current and Excess Losses). There are 3 models for loss calculation, Electrical Steel, Power Ferrite and Hysteresis Model.

In "Electrical Steel" it uses the core loss coefficients calculation method (Kc, Kh, Ke and Kdc), however the Kc (For eddy current) is a parameter related to sheet thickness, so I guess I can't use this model for bulk materials.

The "Power Ferrite" and "Hysteresis Model" give me approximate value of Total Core Loss (which includes eddy current losses) but doesnt give any eddy current losses data.

¿Is there any sort of Workaround to the Issue I am having?



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