Using LS-RUN


I downloaded LS-PrePost and LS-RUN which was located in my ANSYS Inc folder. I was wondering if I can use LS-RUN to run LS-DYNA simulations with the Ansys Academic Research License.

I get this message when I try to configure my network license to LS-RUN:

"lstc_qrun.exe is needed to check license status.

Make sure lstc_qrun.exe is located in

the same directory as lsrun.exe.

lstc_qrun.exe is available from LSTC_LicenseManager

file from your LS-DYNA distributor".




  • Hi Ricky,

    If you are able to run LS-DYNA with the Ansys Product Launcher or from the command line (using the Ansys Academic Research LS-DYNA license), you should be able to run it with LS-RUN.

    Just make sure you specify to use the Ansys License in LS-RUN. It looks like LS-RUN is looking for a legacy LSTC license (from the message you get).

    So, in LS-RUN, go to the License menu at the top and set "License type" to ANSYS. Also, make sure the "Set env." is checked (this will set the appropriate environment variables):

    Let me know if this helps.


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