How to create valid UDF for specific heat if formula depends on whether it's melting or solidifying?

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I would like to use the technique of assigning a certain function for the specific heat, dependent on whether the fluid is melting, T(t-1) < T(t), or solidifying, T(t-1) > T(t). This is known as hysteresis. I try to obtain T(t-1) via C_T_M1(c,t). However, the function DEFINE_SPECIFIC_HEAT(name, T, Tref, h, yi) only takes these five limited inputs, which does not include (c,t).

How to solve this? Somewhere I saw a suggestion to a similar type of problem using 'domain *domain = Get_Domain(1); Thread *t; cell_t c;', but it is not sure if this works.

A piece of example code (NOT working yet) illustrating what I would like to do:

#include "udf.h"

DEFINE_SPECIFIC_HEAT(name, T, Tref, h, yi, c, t)


real cp;

real Tprev = C_T_M1(c,t);

if (T => 300 && T=< 400 && Tprev < T)

cp = certain formula for melting;

if (T => 310 && T=< 390 && Tprev > T)

cp = certain formula for solidifying;


cp = 2000;

*h = cp*(T-Tref);

return cp;


Any suggestions would be amazing!




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