LS-Run License setting issues


I am trying to complete the license setting in LS-Run but having trouble with it.

As I have a license server, I selected the License type as Network, and typed the server hostname as it is demonstrated in the ANSLIC ADMIN Utility.

However, I'm receiving the error that they cannot retrieve license info from the server.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to solve this issue?

PS. I was connected to VPN which is essential to access the license server.

Thank you,



  • MangeshANSYSMangeshANSYS Forum Coordinator


    Set license type to ANSYS if ANSYS LS-Dyna, if this was procured directly from LST in the past then use Network. Look for environment variable LSTC_LICENSE=ANSYS

    Please contact the license server administrator to confirm license type and port number if needed and that the ports used by License Manager are opened in any Firewalls

    This should allow you to run


  • Hello,

    Thank you for your answer.

    As I am using LS-Dyna from the ANSYS Structure package, I guess it is ANSYS LS-Dyna. However, I still get the message that the license info cannot be retrieved.

    Also, I was using the ANSYS product without License Manager since my school provided me with the license server.

    I would appreciate any further help..

    Thank you.


  • Hello MangeshANSYS,

    I could check that my license server setup under ANSLIC ADMIN is correct and I could run Ansys Mechanical, however, still getting problem with LS-Run.

    Therefore, can I ask you where I can find the environment variable LSTC_LICENSE=ANSYS?

    Maybe I should check it preferentially.

    Thank you.

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