MSMD ECM model simulation does not work


I've a problem with the simulation of a Li-Ion battery (ECM Model).

The simulation run smoothly but ends before the expected value. I'm running a total discharge at 3C of a cell, so it should lasts 1200 s, but it stops around 600 s, with many ida-check-flag errors (type -1) that appear. Also the curve that i see as a result, the one related with the weighted average value of phi+ with respect to the positive tab, is correct. The problem is that it is shorter than expected.

In other words, I'm trying to find a way to run an entire simulation without it ending in a non-required moment.

Can someone help me?


  • Hello,

    There can be many reasons for such kind of issue, mainly due to the sub model of battery can not converge. I wonder if you have set a very low stopping voltage? Usually at the end of the discharging the slope will be very sharp so that the sub model can hardly converge. Thanks.

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