EMC PCB - error importing .brd

Hello, I would like to analyze the electromagnetic interferences in a PCB. I have the PCB in EAGLE and I have the .brd file. When I go to ANSYS electronics and I import the file .brd an erro occur. C/User/Documents/Ansoft/file.aedb/layout.def has a wrong route.

Any help?


  • pmunagapmunaga Forum Coordinator

    Hello @andrea080690,

    Please share the screen capture of the messenger window regarding this error to help us serve you better. You can use "upload image" option to attach any image relating to this. In addition, you can also check whether you have write permission to the file ("file.aedb") or check whether the mentioned file path is valid or not.

    All the best.

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  • The bunner says it contain a routh of acces incorrect, but I have just the file .brd

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