What is your feedback on this wear scenario simulation?

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Hello Ansys Student forum,

I would like to ask for some help in improving a simulation.

Software: Ansys Student

Goal: Simulate turning/wear on a small tool, with a constant applied force of a tool, a constant rotation of a workpiece.


  • Symmetry plane.
  • Reduced sample to only a fraction of real diameter to accound for interaction and 1 degree of movement.
  • Applied splits for (possibly) better mesh on tool.


  • The tool tilts and wobbles as though it is not on a fixed track.
  • The workpiece seems unscathed.
  • The simulation time for 1 degree of movement clocked out between 30 minutes to 50 minutes. Is there an obvious way to speed this simulation up? Or to analyze wear in a different, quicker simulation?

I will try attaching gifs, and images of the setup. I will attach a mesh statistic of characteristic length.

Thank you!

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