ANSYS LS-Dyna Student FAQs

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Q) What is the LS-Dyna Student Product? 

A) Ansys LS-DYNA Student is a general-purpose finite element code for solving explicit dynamics problem


Q) Is it available for free? 

A) Yes. Product is available for free 


Q) Is there any registration required for downloading the product? 

A) No registration is required. The product will be openly downloadable 


Q) Do I need Ansys Student Product in order to run LS-DYNA Student?

A) No. LS Dyna Student is a standalone product which can be used without Ansys Student.

Q) How can I download the product? 

A) The product can be downloaded from here: 


Q) How long the product will run? 

A) Each version will be valid for one year. 


Q) Any license key need to be installed? 

A) No separate license key needs to be installed. The product has an inbuilt license key that will automatically expire after one year. 


Q) Which OS will it support? 

A) It will support Windows 10 64-bit system only. 


Q) Which language does it support?  

A) English only. 


Q) Can I submit technical support requests, or otherwise obtain technical support for LS-Dyna Student? 

A) Technical support will be provided through ANSYS Leaning Forum. There will be no 1:1 technical support provided. Embedded product help manual is also available for product information. 

Q) Are there any training resources available for LS-DYNA Student? 

A) Product comes with Embedded tutorials with manuals which can be used for self-learning. 

Q) Can I use this product for commercial use?  

A) The product is made for academic use only. Academic product use terms and conditions apply: 


Q) Can I use this product in parallel with other products like Discovery AIM Student, Discovery Live Student, SCADE & ANSYS Student? 

A) Yes. 


Q) Are there any problem size limitations on the product? 

A) Yes. Please refer to the product restriction section. 


  • KremellaKremella Posts: 2,882Admin


    This is such wonderful news. Thank you @vganore for sharing this here.


  • SHLSHL Posts: 2Member

    I have downloaded the 2020R2 compressed package according to the method on the official website forum and copied the new student.lic file into the folder.

    But when I run LS-Run, error 70022 still appears.

    Attached is the screenshot of the error report and the screenshot of the new student.lic file


  • vganorevganore Pune, IndiaPosts: 710Admin

    Note that the license file (.lic) copy and replace method is no more valid. You need to completely uninstall the product and reinstall the updated product having a new license key.

  • riccardomantovanriccardomantovan Posts: 1Member

    I installed the student version in three different computers and in all of them I had the same problem, error 70022, as it happened for SHL. What can I do?

  • SerenaSusannaSerenaSusanna Posts: 2Member

    As SHL and riccardomantovan I'm experiencing the issue. I already uninstalled and reinstalled the whole lsDyna student pack, no problems with LSPP, but LSRun terminates with error 70022

  • SerenaSusannaSerenaSusanna Posts: 2Member
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    @SHL @riccardomantovan , if you are still having that problem I've found a way to solve it. Uninstall everything and install it again. As soon as the installation is completed, reboot your PC, than open LSRun and run the simulation with the default settings. Window will ask a permission to let the program access your data, accept and it will work correctly.

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