ICEM Mesh generation problem

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Dear Respected memebers,

I'm working on a multizone mesh for a 3 bladed wind turbine rotor on ICEM CFD, by doing 2D surface blocking then converting the block to 3D and creating an Ogrid.

This essentially requires creating topology first (which was tricky in the beginning to get all the curves red).

The 2D blocking went fine, then on converting to 3D the Ogrid failed!

This is possibly because a surface was meshing on the face of the airfoil at the blade tip (I've included pictures).

I started all over, this time trying to create surface using ICEM Geometry tools (surface from 2-4 curves). which resulted in 2 blue curves at the tip, trying to vary the tolerance results in other blue and yellow curves elsewhere!

I wonder if I can get any clues on how to create this surface and build topology.

The model is found in the following drive link

Your help is much appreciated! I always tend to help back new members in return.

Best Regards.


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