Simulation of Dielectric Elastomer

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I am trying to simulate Dielectric Elastomer Actuator under cyclic loading. I have already define my material using the curve fitting as you can see in the attached zip file. The material I am using is Sylgard 184. 

The circles on the geometry surface represent the electrodes and I drawn them by using FaceSplit and I don't know if this is the way to represent the electrodes and how the load is distributed when applying load to it. I also tried to do static simulation by applying pressure in both side of the elastomer and I notice that both pressures are not perpendicular to each other, and the pressure is not distributed evenly, any ideas how I can solve this? 

I also added in the zip file a photo of the elastomer and it is fixed by a rigid frame from the top and bottom, in ANSYS I fixed all the four side of the elastomer. I really do not know how to start I have tried to look for any reference that can help but I cant find. I don not know how I can apply cyclic voltages under different frequencies on to my elastomer. By the way, I was using Sine wave to apply the load onto the elastomer during the experimental test . 

What I want to achieve from the simulation is: finding the deformation of the elastomer under different voltages and frequencies. And I don't know if it is really possible to preform this kind of simulation with the student version. I am using ANSYS 2020 R2.

Any help will be highly appreciated?


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    Hi @Abdulsalam ,

    I am resolving this discussion as it is a duplicate one.


    Ashish Khemka

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    Hi @akhemka

    Noted. Thank You So much!!

    Just to summarize the Key points, cause I think I did not explain well in my previous post because I am totally kind of lost in thoughts and what to do.

    1- I want to simulate a square Dielectric elastomer actuators under Cyclic load in terms of (Voltages and frequencies). 

    2- The material I am using is Sylgard 184 and I already defined the material in ansys using the curve fitting.

    3- The elastomer model Is also attached with two circles in the center representing the electrode. The dimensions of the elastomer are with 20cm*20cm with thickness of 0.5mm. the electrode diameter is 20cm. 

    4- In which platform I can perform this simulation, either Ansys workbench or Ansys APDL?. Frankly I prefer simulation in the workbench instead of APDL. APDL is quite complicated!

    P.S, please Let me know if you don't understand anything and you need me to explain more!

    Again Thank You for You help!

    Best Regards,


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    To do this in Workbench download and review the documentation for the 'Piezo & MEMS' ACT Extension for WB Mechanical. This extension exposes these elements to the native UI. You can search the term MEMS on this page to find the extension:

    So please download that extension, uncompress it, then review its documentation.

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    Thank you so much! I will read all the documentation and see if I can perform my simulation.

    Best Regards,


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    The 'Piezo and MEMS' ACT Extension is supported only in Ansys 2019 R1 and I am using Ansys 2020 R2. However, I did install Piezo and MEMS' ACT Extension but when I try to follow the examples provided I can not get the same answer or Ansys can't solve caused by unknown error! 

    P.S. Although I tried to look for the older version (2019 R1) but I couldn't find it. Is there any other way I can download Ansys 2019 R1? 

    Best Regards, 


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