Surface Points and Lines Disappear after Fluent Closure

Dear All,

I have this annoying problem that seems simple, but after searching the web (including here) I could not find a clear solution that would work.

In Fluent I define a number of Points and Lines (Through Surface -> Create menu) that I use to monitor convergence of solution quantities and plot the results. However after I close and re-open Fluent they all disappear (Planes stay though). I tried doing so from both (Set-up and Solution Cell) and, obviously I was saving the case. I have to re-define them every time I close Fluent.

Does anyone know how to fix this or have had a similar problem?

My Fluent version is:

ANSYS(R) Fluent(R)

Version: 3d, dp, pbns, spe, lam, transient (3d, double precision, pressure-based, species, laminar, transient) Revision: 19.5.0 for ANSYS 2019 R3

Build Time: Aug 5 2019 15:47:21 EDT Build Id: 10249

Cortex Version: 19.5.0

Graphics Version: 23.00-1, dx11/win

I apologize If it is a well known problem and there is a discussion of that already available. If so, please point me into that.

Thank you


  • kkanadekkanade Forum Coordinator

    Are you using standalone Fluent or Fluent in Workbench?

    Can you please use latest version and check again?



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  • Dear Keyur,

    I use Workbench.

    I've tried installing the 2020 R2 student version alongside my current installation (which is a fuller version provided to me through the university-wide license that I want to keep).

    Unfortunately it didn't install correctly, I think it ran out of space. After I freed up some space for it and re-launched the installation it hangs and shows a window of error without saying what the error is.

    Unfortunately, trying to figure what's wrong I've deleted the files from the installation target folder together with the first installation's log. But the latest install log is attached

    Do you have any Idea on how to fix this?

    Thank you,


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    If you've tried to install student and the full version you've just broken both licence managers. Uninstall both versions, plus remove any Ansys %appdata% folders as they'll remember bits you don't want it to. There may be a better way, but this is the only one I've seen to work: a colleague tried Student when we were testing and the language from that corner of the office was fairly colourful...... Student uses a special licence and doesn't play well with the normal licence manager.

    Re the disappearing lines etc. If you open the Solution box in Workbench it should be OK. They don't technicality exist in Set-up as Fluent may re-read the mesh when you open it. That's one of the reasons we tend to use Fluent outside of Workbench when we can.

  • vladrvladr Member
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    Thank you for the answer.

    Regarding the license - my full version seems to still work ok and run the calculations, so I would prefer to keep it as is to avoid extra action, unless you would strongly recommend otherwise.

    Regarding the the lies/surfaces, I've just double checked with starting from the Solution cell - still keeps disappearing (lines and points but not planes).

    However when I tested this situation in a new mock problem from scratch, it worked just fine - lines and points stay after you re-start Fluent from either Set-up or Solution cell and after closing and re-opening the project. Turns out that the problem is in my project set-up somewhere and I wonder what can it be?

    This is a big project that was labor-intense to set-up and I hope that I will not have to re-setup it because of that...

    Do you have any clues on what can it be?

    Thank you


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    OK, if the main licence is working you're lucky, normally the Student set up breaks Flex licencing.

    Not sure why lines are disappearing unless you've got moving mesh or the like in which case if a line is suddenly outside the domain it could disappear. In 2020 you can copy & paste (or export or drag between sessions) monitor definitions so if the lines do disappear re-create then export the definition. Worst case you can then read them back in from the file. Right click on the line definition in the tree and use the most useful looking menu option.

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